BJWSA has detected discolored water in our distribution system, primarily south of Highway 278 in Beaufort and Jasper counties. We are taking steps to minimize the issue in affected areas, including opening hydrants to flush the discolored water from the system.

Several conditions within the distribution system can disturb iron and manganese, including pressure fluctuations, high-use events or changes in flow direction.

The discoloration is the result of higher than normal levels of manganese and iron in the water distribution system.  These concentrations do not present a health risk, but may cause aesthetic issues, such as yellow or brown discoloration. At the levels observed, some people may notice differences in taste and odor.

While there is no reason for health-related concern, customers who notice discoloration may choose to refrain from washing laundry until the issue has passed, especially white and light-colored garments – to avoid possible staining.

If tap water is discolored, allow the cold water to run for 5 to 10 minutes. Running several cold-water faucets at the same time will help the water clear faster. Do not use hot water, as doing so can introduce the discoloration to your hot water tank and make the issue last longer.

Please call 843-987-9200 to report any discoloration concerns.

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