OKATIE, SC [May 31, 2019] – Because of record heat and no rain, peak water demand is very high, and Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority (BJWSA) customers may experience low water pressure as well as discolored water due to high velocities in the water mains.

This high demand for irrigation water significantly impacts drinking water delivery for all customers. Until it rains considerably, customers are urged to minimize or modify their irrigation times away from our peak demand hours of 4 to 9 am in order to alleviate this issue.

BJWSA is striving to meet these high demands, and water velocity in the pipe is higher than normal. The high water velocity and turbulence is scouring the inside of the pipe causing the discoloration. Every indication from our water quality testing shows that the water is safe to drink and poses no immediate health concerns. As long as the discoloration is due to minerals such as iron and manganese, the water remains safe to drink. Running cold water for 5 minutes usually clears up the discoloration.

We greatly appreciate cooperation during this unprecedented time. For more news and information, visit BJWSA at www.bjwsa.org.